Necros Christos – Doom of the Occult

Necros Christos


Doom of the Occult

Sepulchral Voice Records
March 2011

Continuing on with our penchant for talking about not-so-recently releases, we now find ourselves talking a little bit about one fantastic album that was brought to the masses back in 2011.

Though many can find this album to be on many year-end lists of 2011, it is still strange to note that not many people still know of, or even heard of this band. That’s why we, here at prtyHVY, are setting out on our mission to spread the word on this amazing band to all of you.

Necros Christos, reigning from the lands of Germany (Berlin to be specific), have been cranking out their personal brand of death metal since 2001. The majority of their releases have been demos, splits and EPs and it wasn’t until 2007 that the band had a proper full-length release with Triune Impurity Rites. Now move forward four years, and 2011 sees the bludgeoning force of Necros Christos’ return with a punishing 23-track album, Doom of the Occult.


What makes Necros Christos so much more interesting than most of their death metal counterparts, is the fact that the band doesn’t try to distance themselves from the pack by creating the most insane riffs and technical work. The band knows that technical proficiency doesn’t equal broad success. Instead, they write the most engaging simple, straightforward riffs that will stick with you until you find yourself on your deathbed. The band also captivates listeners with concept-like work on their albums that flows with recurring thematic elements.

Necros Christos’ niche of occult-death-metal is rounded out by their frontman’s, Mors Dalos Ra, affinity for mythology, theology, occult, etc. His deep-rooted love for such things have lead to albums being based upon such ideas and beliefs – Doom of the Occult is no different.

Doom of the Occult is the second album in a trilogy, as been said by the band. The first album, we mentioned before, is Triune Impurity Rites. The third and final chapter of the trilogy is in the works and should be released sometime later this year, hopefully.

A fascinating element to Doom of the Occult, along with their previous release Triune Impurity Rites, is the band implements interludes and intros to many songs called Temples or Gates. The temples utilize organs to elicit an eerie, ominous feeling. Rather than trying to divulge something evil, like most death metal bands would try to evoke, the Temples set a more appropriate tone for Doom of the Occult.

Now, what sets Gates apart from the Temples, is that the Gates utilize more acoustic instruments that bring forth a more Eastern sound to the album. The grounds that that makes this a perfect pairing to the album, is that the lyrical elements of the album surround, mostly, Eastern theologies – exemplified by the 12th track “Doom of Kali Maa – Pyramid of Shakti Love – Flame of Master Shiva”.

Apart from their musical interludes and intros, the real meat and potatoes behind Doom of the Occult are the captivating, riveting and brutal tracks.  To start, the vocals aren’t typical of most death metal bands. More often than not, death metal bands employ a use of type of high register raspy yelp or scream along with deep death growls; whereas Necros Christos’ sticks to the lower register and uses more of a speaking-growl type of vocal delivery.

It really is a testament to the band’s success to say that their guitar work is nothing special of note, but still does not detract from their ability to write the most head-bob worthy riffs from any album from front-to-back. Even the solos found sporadically throughout the album aren’t entirely mind-blowing, but they just simply work well with the entirety of the album. The band simply cranks through nine tracks, fluttering away on their strings bringing forth some of the most intense moments in recent death metal history. The drumming, much like the guitar work, is nothing really spectacular in terms of technicality, but the synchronicity with the guitars, together building some of the most memorable headbanging anthems.

No one member of the band overshadows or overpowers the others. Making for a superb listening experience. Necros Christos’ Doom of the Occult is just pure, well manicured death metal at it’s finest.

If you want no-frills, exciting, clear-cut headbanging anthems one-after-another – look no further than Doom of the Occult.

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