Mikky Ekko – KIDS (Cid Rim Remix)

Mikky Ekko

KIDS (Cid Rim Remix)
(LISTEN: https://soundcloud.com/mikkyekko/kids-cid-rim-remix)

**August 13th

Hello prtyHVY readers. Well, today is quite a digression from our usual dealings. I just couldn’t help but write about this one song, err… remix, rather.

Songs, though few and far between, have that ability to latch into your brain making you crave the beat, the sounds, the melodies, etc. immediately after it hits you with its last note. This is one of those songs. The Kids remix that Cid Rim plates and serves to his humble listeners is a slice of delicious musical heroin. After my first listen, I was hooked and wanted to listen again and again. No exaggeration, this song has been on repeat about 20 plus times a day for me. It is infectious, it is beautiful, it is exhilarating and has not showed any signs of slowing the excitement I felt when I first listened to it.

Kids is originally a Mikky Ekko track, released on June 19th with RCA records.  The track itself is quite bright in nature. The opening to the track calls to mind a scene with some bright-eyed twenty-somethings riding in a vintage car in the bright early morning rising sun. Mikky evokes these feelings with heavy driving bass and light synth, not to mention his silky-soulful voice. Once the chorus hits, more synth leads pierce the mix alongside some percussion to help create a more full sounding track. The mix of various electronic elements and a penchant for major chord synth leads, Mikky creates a very happy sounding track, like a less spastic Passion Pit, melodies to create happiness with an emphasis on the smooth and soulful.

After listening to Mikky’s version of Kids, I would have expected most remixes to follow the same path of happiness and pop sensibilities. Well, enter Cid Rim to blow your mind, by taking an overtly happy song and giving it a darker edge, but still sensible enough to keep it grooving. Cid Rim’s remix starts with no bass to help drive the song along, instead he opts for snaps (that echo into an infinite corridor) bubbly, picked ascending notes and soft synth chords. In one of the stranger moves with a remix, Cid Rim decided to slow Mikky’s delivery of lyrics and bring his voice down a few registers. This really helps in bringing a different light to the overly peppy original mix. Cid Rim’s variation on Kids, is not just a remix, but an entirely new creature.

Mikky’s Kids feels as though it’s a carefree anthem to the youth. The original mix feels as though it’s calling the youth to “Forget what everyone tells them to do, and just do what you want to do. Live life to the fullest, so do what you want.”
Where on the other hand, Cid Rim’s Kids is a retrospective that looks back at the youth from an older perspective. The sad, dark landscape paints pictures of the older generations look back at youth and their rebellious, sometimes destructive, cultures and wishing they wouldn’t “do what they want”.

Of course, this is all a matter of personal response.

Given a choice of the two tracks, we definitely prefer the darker vision presented in Cid Rim’s remix. Maybe it’s just an affinity for darker sounding material, or something ethereal within the mix, but Cid Rim just nails whatever in our heads responds to addictive traits and opens it up with his dark, smooth, grooving take on Kids.


Definitely recommend this track if you are looking for a dark spin on something already groovy, and taken to the Nth degree of an addictive jam.

(** – Sorry we couldn’t find more information about who released the remix, but more than likely it was Cid Rim, himself. Cid Rim works with LuckyMe and Affine Records)

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