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Mikky Ekko – KIDS (Cid Rim Remix)

Mikky Ekko KIDS (Cid Rim Remix) (LISTEN: https://soundcloud.com/mikkyekko/kids-cid-rim-remix) **August 13th Hello prtyHVY readers. Well, today is quite a digression from our usual dealings. I just couldn’t help but write about this one song, err… remix, rather. Songs, though few and far between, have that ability to latch into your brain making you crave the beat, […]

Vallendusk – Black Clouds Gathering

Vallendusk Black Clouds Gathering (LISTEN: http://pestproductions.bandcamp.com/album/black-clouds-gathering) Pest Productions (March 2013) I would like to start this off by talking a little bit about Deafheaven and the tremendous amount praise the band has received for their most recent release, Sunbather. It seems that everyone and their mother has been talking about how ingenious and breathtaking the […]